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The San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP) and The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) have approved the installation of REM stormwater TRITON BFTG Filter Inserts for the Bay Area-wide Trash Capture Demonstration Project.

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Revel Environmental Manufacturing - REM -  is the leading manufacturer of Storm Water Filtration Systems. We manufacture, install, maintain and service several types of storm drain filters and catch basin systems. We use recyclable materials in both our inserts and our filter packs. All our products meet NPDES Phase 2, US EPA and CA EPA requirements for water quality management and storm water pollution prevention plans. They are part of best management practices (BMP's) and best available technology (BAT).

Our filters are designed to remove hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) and other pollutants from storm water runoff. The storm drain filter and filter pack is installed under or behind the grate of a drain or catch basin. We also have specialty storm water filters and designs to catch the storm water run-off and pollutants for trench drains, curb inlets, wash water and other applications. We can supply absorbent socks, controls and inlet trash racks. Please call us for your specific storm water application!

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