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Filter Inserts

We designed our Filter Inserts as an economical solution for both on-site maintenance and for the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from storm water run-off. The contaminants we filter for include: sand, silt, litter, paint, petroleum products, liquids/semi-liquid food substances, body fluids and other chemicals. Our filters comply with the Federal EPA criteria of using the "Best Available Technology" (BAT) and offer a cost effective alternative to other expensive oil-water-trash separators.

In addition to our standard catch basin filters for trench drains, drop inlets and curb inlets, we can customize our filters for your specific needs at each site. We have several different applications for shopping centers, office buildings, industrial parks and community developments. Other applications include gas stations, truck stops, maintenance shops, highways, urban streets and other pollution-prone areas. We can work with you during the construction of your site and after your on-going operations have begun.




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